PROGENy is resource that leverages a large compendium of publicly available signaling perturbation experiments to yield a common core of pathway responsive genes. For each pathway, a collection of genes are available along their contribution and significance to it.

Inside PROGENy, one can find gene signatures for 14 different pathways:

  • Androgen: involved in the growth and development of the male reproductive organs.
  • EGFR: regulates growth, survival, migration, apoptosis, proliferation, and differentiation in mammalian cells
  • Estrogen: promotes the growth and development of the female reproductive organs.
  • Hypoxia: promotes angiogenesis and metabolic reprogramming when O2 levels are low.
  • JAK-STAT: involved in immunity, cell division, cell death, and tumor formation.
  • MAPK: integrates external signals and promotes cell growth and proliferation.
  • NFkB: regulates immune response, cytokine production and cell survival.
  • p53: regulates cell cycle, apoptosis, DNA repair and tumor suppression.
  • PI3K: promotes growth and proliferation.
  • TGFb: involved in development, homeostasis, and repair of most tissues.
  • TNFa: mediates haematopoiesis, immune surveillance, tumour regression and protection from infection.
  • Trail: induces apoptosis.
  • VEGF: mediates angiogenesis, vascular permeability, and cell migration.
  • WNT: regulates organ morphogenesis during development and tissue repair.