PyCharm启动时报failed to create jvm error code 4

pycharm failed to create JVM with error code 4 when launching pycharm.

pycharm failed to create jvm

In a ordinary way, you can decrease -Xmx and -XX option value in $IDE_HOMEBINidea.exe.vmoptions.

Another way, when pycharm invoking JVM, pycharm depends on its own vm options in VM optioins configuraion file.

pycharm fail to create jvm

VM options can be set in JetBrainsPyCharm Community Edition 3.4.1bin. In the direcotry, there is a file named by pycharm.exe.vmoptions. You can decrease the -XX and -Xmx value in this file. Recommend 100M per time to decrease and try to open pycharm.


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